BLOCK71 Market Immersion Programme: Suzhou, China

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Wednesday, 28 September, 2022 - 10:00 to 18:00
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BLOCK71 Market Immersion Programme Suzhou 2022

Venturing into a new, foreign market is often daunting. Without sufficient research, knowledge and networks, the path to success will be long and arduous, and not to mention, costly.

BLOCK71's Market Immersion Programme is an intense, customised programme to help accelerate Singapore companies entry into the China market.

This programme is suited for startups building market-ready solutions for the following industries:

  • Environmental and Energy Nanotechnology
  • High-end equipment manufacturing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biomedicine
  • Other Deep Tech

About BLOCK71

BLOCK71 ( is an initiative by NUS Enterprise in collaborative and strategic partnerships with established corporates and government agencies.

It forms a global network of innovation and entrepreneurial gateways to and from NUS, through providing programmes and events as a technology ecosystem builder and global business connector with an objective to catalyse, aggregate and develop competencies of the start-up community.

In and across every location, BLOCK71 provides access to technology, talent, new markets, grants and funding, collaborative spaces and a global community.

With its strong positioning to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem for technology & innovation startups, BLOCK71 in China builds the bridge for business development and market expansion in China and beyond.

Across Suzhou and Chongqing, BLOCK71 helps tech companies and startups to obtain the most updated market insights and government initiatives for the Yangtze River Delta Region and West China as well as other major cities.

Through leveraging different resources from both government and leading enterprises of the local markets, we help

  • Enhance market knowledge
  • Expand networks into local tech communities, and
  • Identify potential trusted in-market partners and project leads

Likewise, BLOCK71 in China also offers many opportunities for China-based entrepreneurs, leading SOEs and POEs, and local investors to touch-base with our tech companies through programmes and events. We assist local enterprises to understand more about NUS Research & Technologies, gain access to Southeast Asian countries and international markets through the collaboration with our global network of tech companies and partners.


[ Our Mission ] BLOCK71 aims to create value for society and industry through enterprise. W e support the scaling of start-ups addressing Asia and the world’s most critical social, environmental problems with accessible solutions centered in Science and Technology.