#FridayLearnings Episode 3: Applying Machine Learning in E-commerce (UX Design), Youran You

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Friday, 29 January, 2021 - 15:00 to 16:00
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Public Event (Open for walk-ins)

#FridayLearnings Episode 3 with Youran You: Applying Machine Learning in E-Commerce (UX Design)

Youran You, UX Lead, Alibaba, will be sharing her experience of how designers could use machine learning knowledge & tools esp in e-commerce

About this Event

Welcome to Lazada’s #FridayLearnings, a series of free learning sessions offered by Ecommerce experts to the community whereby everyone can learn and grow from each other. This is the platform and home for SEA e-commerce expertise, supporting online merchants, collaborating with peers who are going through the same challenges as we make things easier, and providing an environment where merchants can network, learn and thrive together. Our goal here is to build a community of e-commerce sellers who can learn and grow from each other.

Today’s shopping has been taking place online widely. To serve various needs of all kinds of customers, design in e-commerce is evolving into a new era to leverage the power of machine learning. With the assistance of machines, interface designers could maintain design systems easily, exploring many more different design solutions, and coming up with personalized solutions according to individual preference. To kick start the New year, and in this exciting episode, Youran will share her experience of how designers could start using machine learning knowledge and tools to become more powerful especially in the e-commerce field.

About the speaker:

Youran You, UX Lead in Alibaba

Youran You has been staying in China and Denmark, worked for LEGO, Qualcomm, Lazada, and now at Alibaba leading ADI (artificial design intelligence) in Taobao Front-end Technology team. With passion in both the design & tech field, she is dedicated to making interface design more personalized serving individual preferences and needs. She believes human power should be spent on more creative fields, and designers can learn how to use machine learning to assist in daily design work.

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