#FridayLearnings Episode 5 with Valerie Chow: How to Create a Marketing Campaign

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Friday, 28 May, 2021 - 15:00 to 16:00
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Public Event (Open for walk-ins)

#FridayLearnings Episode 5: How to Create a Marketing Campaign

Valerie Chow, Digital Marketer

About this Event:

Welcome to Lazada’s #FridayLearnings, a series of free learning sessions offered by Ecommerce experts to the community whereby everyone can learn and grow from each other. This is the platform and home for SEA e-commerce expertise, supporting online merchants, collaborating with peers who are going through the same challenges as we make things easier, and providing an environment where merchants can network, learn and thrive together. Our goal here is to build a community of e-commerce sellers who can learn and grow from each other.

In this exciting episode, we have an external guest speaker and digital marketer Valerie Chow who will walk through the steps to plan out a marketing plan from planning the objectives, the factors to consider, content to which channels to market in.

Key takeaways from the session are

  1. learn to plan a holistic marketing plan
  2. balance creativity and using data for your marketing plan

About the speaker:

Valerie Chow, Digital Marketer

Valerie has varied marketing experience from consumer retail to insurance industries with both online and offline exposure. She has marketing expertise from running marketing campaigns across multi-channels, social media management to branding that drives both brand awareness and customer acquisition. A growth marketer that is both creative and analytical with a strong affinity for numbers, a unique holistic blend.

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