Growth Hacking for Beginners

Date & Time
Saturday, 21 August, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:00
Food and beverages served?
Type of event
Public Event (Open for walk-ins)

Growth Hacking for Beginners

Sotirios Seridis, Lead Instructor, Digital Marketing

About this Event:

Originating in the start-up world, growth hacking is commonly thought of as marketing on a lean budget — but there's more to it. Growth hackers go beyond paid marketing, think outside the box and leverage technology to drive more personalized marketing, and constantly keep testing and measuring the success of their experiments. This makes growth hacking a combination of marketers, analysts, and developers.

In this workshop, you’ll not only learn about growth hacking and the methods that come with it, but you’ll also be able to start applying new strategies to significantly increase your customer base.