JuniorDevSG - February 2019 Social

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Wednesday, 13 February, 2019 - 19:00 to 21:00
Food and beverages served?
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Public Event (Open for walk-ins)

BLOCK71 Singapore
71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-01, Singapore[masked]

With this Meetup group we hope to create a home for all things JuniorDev.

We will be hosting a bi-monthly get-together known as the JuniorDev Social. Here we socialise and connect with our fellow Juniors to swap stories and share wins or disastrous fails (yup, those are normal) all while enjoying some food and drink provided by our generous sponsors.

How's your journey, ${AWESOME_DEV}?

1) Gwen Guo, Singapore Games Guild (https://www.sgg.org.sg)
Topic: "The local games industry at a glance"

A summary of the current opportunities communities in the local/regional games industry, how to prepare for your portfolio and what to expect at interviews.

About Gwen

Gwen is a Singapore-based sound designer for video games and also the co-founder of IMBA Interactive with 9 years in the industry. Having experience of heading a startup, she's developed near-obsessive project management skills and is a team player with a flair for organisation and execution whilst maintaining the welfare of co-workers and staff.

As a sound design advocate, she has spoken at various game conferences around South East Asia aimed at raising awareness for both the creative/technical aspects of the craft and best practices working with sound designers in a team.

She is also the chairperson of Singapore Games Guild, a non-profit association aimed at advocating and promoting locally-made games and game creators. playing a major role as a community leader in both the games development and game audio community in Singapore.

2) Change Kai Wen, Intern, SP Digital
Topic: "Residential Move-in Detection using Utilities Consumption Data & Machine Learning"

This project is part of a bigger project which uses AI to improve the efficiency of metering to billing operations for SP Services. Meter readings are sent to the server in SP at every two months. When an electricity meter reading is sent back to the system, the reading will be checked against a system of rules. If the meter reading is too high, it might be caused by a faulty meter. Hence, technicians need to be sent to the premises to do on-site investigation. However high meter readings are also often due to someone moving into the premise, and therefore is a correct reading. This means the trip, which incurs manpower and other costs, is wasted. Unfortunately, the system of rules implemented few years ago are unable to tell the difference between a legitimate high consumption reading or an actual faulty meter. My project is to build a predictive machine learning model to detect new move-in events. By integrating this model into the daily operational flow of a meter irregularity investigation, the operations team will be able to identify if the high consumption is due to a new move-in or not and reduce false positives.

About Kai Wen

- Temasek Poly student, Diploma in IT
- Intern at Data & AI team in SP Digital doing Data Engineering and Machine Learning
- Also interned in Test Engineering team in SP Digital testing SP Utilities App
- Able to play the piano


Venue Sponsored by BLOCK71 (http://www.blk71.com/)

Food sponsored by UpCloud (https://upcloud.com/)

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