Kopi Chat Da Bao with Yao Png, CEO of Hoow Foods

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Wednesday, 8 January, 2020 - 12:30 to 13:30
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Seminar room
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Have your cake & eat it!
How SCIENCE is revolutionising comfort food.


Ow Yao Png
CEO, Co-Founder of Hoow Foods Pte Ltd

Prior to founding Hoow Foods in 2018, YP has over 8 years of experience in the Medical / life science industry in various commercial roles. A strong believer in creating healthier food options and solutions to the world, YP is a serial entrepreneur having founded 3 previous companies in the medtech and pharmaceutical sector. YP holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Materials Science from the National University of Singapore.
Company Introduction

Hoow Foods
Hoow Foods Pte Ltd is a Singapore food technology company co-founded by a group of NUS Alumni specialising in the research and development of healthy alternatives of food products through food science and technology. Hoow Foods’ co-founding team possess experienced scientific backgrounds in Food Science, Engineering and

One of Hoow Foods’ key milestones is the development of a machine-learning AI technology platform that could enable them to reformulate foods much more rapidly and efficiently – especially so with healthier formulations of food which is a complicated process. With this technology, food companies could not only potentially obtain invaluable product development capability, but also save significant time and resources. Hoow Foods’ in-house R&D had also developed their first flagship product – low calorie ice-cream which is under the brand Callery’s. Callery’s is the first brand in Asia to offer great-tastingice-cream in a pint yet substantially low in sugar, calories and fat. Hoow Foods’ is currently working with notable food companies and conglomerates to research and develop new novel lines of healthier food products. Hoow Foods have successfully reformulated products across the food classes of baked goods, instant beverages and desserts,
where they work with strategic partners to license and commercialise.

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