KopiChat Da Bao #4 with SpeQtral's CTO, Dr Robert Bedington

Date & Time
Wednesday, 28 August, 2019 - 16:00 to 17:00
Food and beverages served?
Seminar room
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An Honest Conversation with MIT named 'Innovator under 35', Dr Robert Bedington.

Dr Robert Bedington is the co-founder and CTO of SpeQtral, a spin out company from the NUS Centre for Quantum Technologies that is developing quantum communication technologies for satellites. A former researcher at NUS he was the engineering team lead of the SpooQySat mission that is currently demonstrating quantum entanglement in space on board a 3U CubeSat.

Join us in this Kopi Chat Da Bao to extract insights and tips from Dr Robert's experience.


KopiChat Dabao is hosted by BLOCK71, an initiative of NUS Enterprise. A monthly global engagement with tried & tested entrepreneurs around the world. Here, we go rogue, where YOU get to ask these entrepreneurs honest, heartfelt questions about their journey to the top.

Da Bao: Colloquial term (hokkien) for take-away.