The Opportunities of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hangzhou

Date & Time
Wednesday, 12 June, 2019 - 14:00 to 17:00
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Seminar room
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Time 时间 Flow 流程 Remarks 备注
14:00-14:10 Introduce 活动介绍
14:10-14:20 Competition Intorduce 杭州创客天下大赛介绍
14:20-14:50 Investor keynote speech 投资人分享
14:50-15:10 杭州的产业环境、人才环境讨论 Industrial Environment
15:10-15:20 Q & A 提问环节
15:20-16:40 1 VS 1 指导(生物医疗、电子信息领域) 20分钟 / 次
16:40-17:00 Free communication 自由交流

Investors from Hangzhou:
1、Zhangding - CEO, Fenghua Ventures
张丁 浙江大学信息电子工程博士、生物医学工程学士
Zhang Ding Ph.D. from Zhejiang University in 2017, He was founded Shanghai YS information and engaged in IC chip development. In 2010, after Shanghai YS information was purchased at a price of tens of millions, Zhang Ding transformed into an investment. Over the past 8 years, he has invested in more than 10 high-quality projects and that have been listed or merged.
海邦沣华资本,是一家专注于股权投资的风险投资机构。核心团队成员于 2010 年创办的“海邦投资”是浙江省知名的股权投资机构。主要聚焦在生物医疗、大数据及人工智能和高端制造领域的早、中期阶段的股权投资。
Fenghua ventures is focuses on equity investment in the early and middle stages of biomedical, big data, artificial intelligence and high-end manufacturing.

2、Sky Jiang - CEO & Angle investor, Haigui Talent Technology
江驰 海硅人才科技 创始人、天使投资人
Established in 2013, Hangzhou Haigui Talent Co., Ltd is a service organization that provides services in investment and financing connection for high-tech projects and settling down in China, initiating the construction of international science and technology incubator, the transfer of international scientific and technological achievements, industrial cooperation and consultation and other services.

3、Gucci - CEO, Aurora Innovation Technology
郭驰 极光创新科技 CEO
More than 18 years of project management and people management experience, worked in Tencert WeStart Innovation(Hangzhou) and UTStarcom. Familiar with China's industrial environment and serve 100 technology enterprises commercialisation in China.