Designing a Co-pilot for Healthcare workers

Global Medics

Closing Date
31 May 2023

Project Description:

The Aged Care industry is under significant stress due to worker shortages and the aged care workers are being burnt out due to this acute shortage. Global Medics - an Australian aged care platform for remote patient montoring - is seeking partnership to find AI based solution for radically enhancing productivity of the aged care worker signed up on the platform. We are seeking ways to solve the problem using new technologies.

Through this proposal we are inviting software engineers and product managers to design a ChatGPT based co-pilot solution. Microsoft have provided Global Medics early access to their healthcare domain Large Language Models. Our Microsoft partnership provides us access to technology and a global network of Microsoft experts for architecture review, mentoring and advice to build solutions using Azure Cloud. More details will be shared during discussion stage.

Equity based compensation will be provided which will be covered by a SAFE (Simple Agreement for future equity)