Singtel Innov8

Closing Date
31 October 2016

Project Description:

With Video On Demand (VOD) streaming services rapidly becoming the preferred medium for viewing content, consumers are being overwhelmed with choice of entertainment as well as which subscription services to use. This means they are spending a significant amount of time simply trying to find what to watch. They are also unable to digitally interact with family and friends possibly missing out on what content is being watched by family and friends.

Individual VOD services (e.g. Netflix, Stan and Presto), Free to Air streaming services (e.g. Ten Play and SBS on Demand) and paid TV services (e.g. Foxtel and Yes TV) all provide a wide variety of content. The issue is that their recommendation platform is isolated to their own source and does not take into account the user’s holistic viewing habits.
We are looking for innovative solutions that create an intuitive platform which can curate personalised content for the individuals based on viewing preferences, social data points, friendship groups and their viewing habits, as well as a number of other personal data points (music, influencers, books, podcasts, internet searches etc) by leveraging on artificial intelligence or machine learning.

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Singtel Innov8 Connect programme bridges startups and Singtel Group to create innovative solutions for business challenges, offering up to S$75,000 for solution validation.