Singtel Innov8

Closing Date
31 October 2016

Project Description:

Changes in consumers’ online and offline purchasing behaviour and increased service level expectations have led to increasing pressure on businesses to meet these higher customer demands.

However, supply chain technology has not evolved as quickly as required to operate in this dynamic environment. Out-dated supply chain technology leads to inaccurate demand planning, aged inventory, inefficient sales operations and increased costs.

To address this, enterprises are seeking the next generation supply chain platforms that can leverage in-depth data and machine learning to deliver faster, more flexible and optimised supply chain services. These platforms should also provide visibility on stock and consignments, unified inventory management and track point-to-point purchases, leading to a better overall customer experience.

If you are currently working on suitable solutions, then we would like to invite you to participate in this programme. Apply now at

Singtel Innov8 Connect programme bridges startups and Singtel Group to create innovative solutions for business challenges, offering up to S$75,000 for solution validation.