Red Dot Drone PTE. LTD.
About the company: 

RED DOT DRONE is a drone startup focusing on drone software technology such as automatic flight technology for the ease and safe of drone operation.

Job Description and Requirements:  

RDD is looking for an Android Engineer to help us develop and improve SkyCoach app which is one of our drone apps.

・Improve the existing app
・Add new features
・Flight test with the SkyCoach app with a simulator and actual drones

SkyCoach app allows safe and easy operation of drones through automated/semi-automated aerial filming. There is data visualisation to help improve your team’s performance. SkyCoach will be particularly applicable in the training and practice of field sports, such as football, rugby and American football.

Job Requirements/ Qualifications:

• Minimum 2 years relevant work experience in consumer or enterprise technology
• Minimum 2 years relevant work experience of Android development
• Interested in sports
• Interested in drone technology

The type of contract and the commitment of working time is flexible.
We are open to discuss.

Job Type

Part Time


Salary competitive



Closing Date

Aug 31 2021