About the company: 

GTRIIP is a digital identity platform for global citizens, allowing them to validate user identity with a selfie on smartphones and access commercial properties. The product uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically verify photo IDs and owners.
GTRIIP serves over 13,000 hotel rooms and office access points and the patented software has completed over 1 million check-ins globally.

The leading platform with biometrics-driven,
document-less registration technology
Our patented AI-powered cognitive technology makes all the difference.

Skip the hassle of long registration procedures with just a selfie. With GTRIIP's facial recognition technology,
they will each be uniquely identified after being registered into your business' CRM system. Not only can
you cut down on administrative efforts without compromising security, you can also delight your
guests with a seamlessly automated registration experience.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Backend Software Engineers in the Infrastructure team focus on developing tools and platforms to optimize the internal engineering environment and integrate with other systems/interfaces, automate engineering processes such as deployment, operation, server provision; developing and deploying solutions such as IaaS platform, network automation system, etc.

Job Description

Use Java or Python to develop backend logic
Build automation service that works with different hardware within the infrastructure system
Build reusable code and libraries for future use
Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability
Work with the private cloud when needed
To do the integration with other systems/interfaces.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
Experience with at least one backend programming languages (e.g. Python, Ruby, Java, etc.)
Good knowledge of relational database (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
Familiar with HTTP protocol; familiar with performance tuning of Web Server, massive concurrency handling, and caching mechanisms
Familiar with the good practices of DevOps in Linux
Good knowledge of Web Server technologies such as J2EE, Apache, Nginx (popular for static content, like images, HTML or CSS files), and IIS
Good knowledge of Operating systems such as Linux- and Unix-like operating systems, macOS X, Windows Server
Able to deliver clean and maintainable code
Security settings and hack prevents

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Apr 24 2020