About the company: 

Tueetor® is the worlds first, fully automated learner-trainer matching platform, an online marketplace leveraging on location-based technology. It is an EdTech startup seeking to elevate the way educators connect with learners by cutting out the inefficient middle man - the placement agency. Just like Grab brought one-click eCommerce into the personal transport industry, and Fiverr brought it into the world freelancing, Tueetor brings a one-click solution to connect learners with trainers.

Tueetor® lowers the costs and knowhow involved in the broadcasting of one’s education needs and offers. Learners and trainers just have to submit online the subject, level; their qualification, teaching experience, rates and location, and Tueetor® will match them – automatically, instantly, 24x7. Other than academic subjects, users who are interested in teaching or learning other skills - a language, any sport, an instrument, a specific genre of dance, utility of a software - can find a connection through Tueetor.

With Tueetor®, private learning is now more affordable and accessible - with these, our users can much easily cope with the rising education cost, and at the same time, think about earning an additional income by empowering others with the skills they are good at.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Tueetor is expanding regionally and we are looking for talented and committed individuals to help drive our corporate range of solutions.

You must have a great:

  • thirst for success
  • passion to meet people and help solve problems
  • ability to work independently

Job Requirements 

  • Generate new business opportunities to fuel sales pipeline
  • Regular follow-ups on past open leads
  • Meeting & exceeding given weekly & monthly targets
  • Maintain a strong relationship with new & existing accounts
  • Assist client with related marketing activities
  • Provide clients with periodic reports on their progress
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of key/upcoming trends of the local education industry
  • Provide insights and recommendations to improve the startup’s product & direction

Our Desired Qualities

  • Entrepreneurial mindset with strong customer ownership & critical thinking
  • Motivating character who is capable of achieving targets and not afraid of rejection
  • Team player who is happy to share anything (including food)
  • Bilingual – English & a second language
  • Experience in a fast-paced startup environment is a bonus!
  • Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident

Job Type

Full Time


2000 to 4000



Closing Date

Jun 01 2019