About the company: 

Manufacturers spend up to 40% of their sales revenue due to cost of poor quality (COPQ). This includes cost of preventing and detecting product failures. The later a defect is detected, the more resources has been wasted on a defective part. In the worst case, defects could escape their factories. This could result in product recalls that could bring them out of business.

A single log point (out of hundreds) could produce 50GB of data every day. There is a great value to this data as it can tell manufacturers why failures happen. But no human is capable of reviewing this mass of data.

We are building an AI that understands manufacturer's data to reduce the cost of poor quality. The dream is to fix defect causes before they even happen.

Our target customers are high volume manufacturing firms, starting with solar panel manufacturers. The industry is adoptive and has deep pockets. Moreover, we are confident to dominate this exponentially growing 5B$ niche market.

Job Description and Requirements:  

You will be working hand in hand with the CEO, and your mission will be to grow and nurture our clients by being the face and outreach of FireVisor.

- 70% Business Development: Prospecting, phoning, lead generation, engage new clients, signing up new contracts, managing relationship with key partners.
- 10% Project Management: Once the contract is signed, you will be piloting the project with our development team
- 10% Marketing: Development of new sales support materials, finding new market opportunities and finding cheeky growth hacks to bring our product out
- 10% Operations Support: Work closely with the founding team to make business run smoothly and effectively

You’ll be part of an exciting startup backed by Entrepreneur First (funded by Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, Greylock Partners), SGInnovate (Singapore Government Startup Accelerator) and NUS Enterprise. We are funded by the best VC firms from Silicon Valley, Seattle and SE Asia.

- You are self-motivated.
- You think like an entrepreneur, constantly innovating and driving positive change, and you consistently deliver crazy good results.
- You have excellent commercial skills and confidence to close deals in the range of 30-100k USD
- You can bring exciting customer management techniques to the table
- You are a very hands-on person
- You are fluent in Mandarin Chinese (huge plus but not mandatory)
- You have some experience working in a manufacturing environment (is a plus but not mandatory)
- You are excited to join an early stage deep tech AI startup and be fun and weird with us. Pranks, memes and puns are part of everyday life at FireVisor.

Job Type



$12K - $16K



Closing Date

Feb 15 2019