About the company: 

Kinexcs is a highly recognized med-tech company established in Singapore that builds wearable device and digital platforms to enhance patient experience and quality of care for rehabilitation. We develop monitoring systems to remotely track, analyze, and monitor the rehabilitation progress of patients who have lower limb musculoskeletal conditions, such as a total knee replacement surgery or osteoarthritis.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Role Summary
As a Clinical Affairs Manager in Kinexcs, you will advise the team with your experience in the clinical field by sharing domain knowledge and clinical know-how. You will have to drive innovation and sales by identifying important product features that should be capitalized on, ahead of our competitors. You will have a chance to collaborate with many of our company’s partners both locally and overseas to help the company expand into new markets and take on projects that will drive value to both our customers and our business.

You might work on
1. Working with a cross-disciplinary team to deliver meaningful experiences for our customers.
2. Assisting with product development, operation and sales in the communication and execution of internal and external clinical affairs.
3. Provide expertise on dealing with healthcare systems in various regions, especially in the APAC region and the integration of our system into theirs.
4. Projects that involve massive amounts of clinical data for predictive analysis with big players in the medical device field.
5. Understanding our user base and providing insights based on experience, current trends, and clinical knowledge to make influential change to strengthen the reach of our and drive engagement, and customer retention.
6. Attending and participating in clinical conferences and seminars to extend the reach of our product and the company.

An ideal candidate would
1. Have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience
2. 6+ years’ experience in management in the healthcare field. Having experience in rehabilitative care is a plus.
3. Have strong business acumen, team oriented, collaborative and flexible
4. Show strong communication skills in both verbal and written medium
5. Be a critical thinker that is able to apply domain knowledge and past experiences to make important decisions and changes for the company.
6. Be up to date in the healthcare scene and has experience dealing with healthcare systems and personnel.


Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Jan 31 2020