As an anchor and largest tenant in Blk71, we at BLOCK71 Singapore understand the challenge that our entrepreneurs and start-ups face in recruiting good talent. That's why we have created this section as a one-stop shop that caters not only to the hiring needs of businesses, but to also provide job opportunities for those who are keen to gain valuable work experience in real start-ups.

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AirSell Pte. Ltd
Posted 08 Dec 2015
Position: Web developer intern Description: You will be in charge of the development of kanyangfang.com, and the corresponding app server. You will gain rich experience in web and app server ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
Responsibilities: Design, develop and support a world-class visual search cloud-based service Focus on scalability, latency, performance robustness and cost trade-off in a highly distributed, multi component backend system Ensure smooth ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
Position: Account Manager-Executive (B2B SaaS Sales) Responsibilities: - Define and execute customer acquisition plans to support lead generation, lead conversion and customer retention goals. - Engage and maintain quality relationships ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
We are developing a social media football app which aims to be the number 1 sports social media app in the world. We seek a dynamic and passionate individual (you!) ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
Full-stack Web-developer ==================== Your chance to impacting the masses with your codes. If you're interested in coding and the local startup ecosystem, this one's for you. Here's your chance to ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
Sales & Business Development Manager Electronics Engineer Mechanical Engineer QA/Compliance Engineer
Posted 08 Dec 2015
Management Intern We are looking for a driven individual who is passionate about education and want you to be part of our dynamic and continually growing company where your contributions ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
This new project is aimed at changing the way that private education institutes are run. We are looking for students with skills in programming and user interface, and who are ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
T.Ware is looking for a graphic design intern to prep us for the coming CES trade show! we are looking for a self motivated individual with experience in graphic design, ...
Posted 08 Dec 2015
Visualtroop is looking for a CTO to join us on our journey on empowering artists. The CTO should have his/her views on what features the marketplace would need. Listed below ...