Nuts. Co
About the company: 

We are a new startup in Singapore where we believe, & are certain, that we will be the next big thing.

Cliché as it is, we are serious about it!

We are developing a mobile application for consumers and business in a simple, fuss free platform.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Hey you!

Thanks for giving us that 2 minutes of your time.

We are the next big thing.

We are a new start-up here in SG, 3 young entrepreneurs, making a difference, step by step.

Singapore, Southeast Asia, The World.

However, Houston, we have a problem.

We are urgently looking for a full stack developer who has always wanted something more.


●Help put our ideas into picture by creating the mobile app

●A great Vision of him/herself

●Ambitious & Driven

●Outgoing & Cheerful :)

●Believes in our platform

●More then just business partner, more as a friend

Drop us a text now & we will be happy to share with you what we are up to thru coffee!


Dorian, Joylin, Rachel
Nuts. Co

Job Type

Part Time


Getting equity of our business! :)



Closing Date

Aug 31 2017