About the company: 

PickA is a startup that created a public sharing platform to match demands, needs or problems with solutions (either in products or services) in a more instant way.

We aim to “convert idle and unproductive goods,time,talents etc to more productive or something urgently needed or important to other people”, which the user might earn extra income at the same time.

Job Description and Requirements:  

i) make sure that the organization’s technology fully serves its business strategy.
ii) shape the technology strategy and manage the engineering efforts within their organization.
iii) in charge of developing a minimum viable product (MVP) in the shortest time possible at the early stage.

i) expertise in programming, software architecture design, cloud-based infrastructure configuration, and so on.
ii) passionate and energetic
iii) no experience is required. Fresh graduates are welcomed

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Aug 31 2019