OverLay Technologies
About the company: 

At Overlay technologies, we are transforming the way knowledge is shared in the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to capture information from discrete sources and visualize it on context relevant areas, using augmented reality. These sources comprise of expert knowledge, power readings from connected devices or operation logs etc. Our technology works by overlaying digital content directly on top of the equipment, which is accessible to the on-site staff from any mobile device anytime it is needed.

We are building a strong team of scientists and engineers to work on the core technology and build the state-of-the-art in augmented reality. We only work with the brightest and sharpest minds.

Job Description and Requirements:  

We are building the state-of-the-art augmented reality application for industrial workforce of the future, and are seeking the brightest minds who can help us to imagine, drive and develop the future of AR technology. You will work with our extremely ambitious and scientifically minded team.

This is a challenging role that involves improving the tracking system for industrial equipment of various sizes and complexities on mobile devices. The problems include:

> Pose estimation via extended and markerless tracking for 3D objects in small AR workspaces
> Real-time depth estimation and 3D reconstruction from RGB cameras
> Performance optimization to minimize battery usage and computational cost

We expect you have majority of the following:

> A solid background in real-time vision-based tracking on mobile devices and has experience building AR tools
> Strong understanding of computer vision techniques and algorithms, especially in object tracking and mapping for small AR workspaces and on mobile devices
> Solid background in linear algebra and its applications in augmented reality (e.g. OpenGL ES API, pose estimation, etc.)
> Experience with markerless and/or extended marker-based tracking on mobile platforms
> Familiarity with 3D reconstruction methods using mobile devices (e.g. mobileFusion, Astrivis, etc.)
> Comfortable with implementing new techniques and algorithms for performance optimization and tracking robustness
> Excellent communication and team collaboration skills
> Master’s student in Computer Science, a related technology/engineering field, and / or equivalent experience

Regardless of the role, we expect everyone in our team to have critical reasoning skills, a strong desire to learn, and willingness to experiment with ground-breaking ideas.

Creativity, Augmented Reality, Ambitious, 3D Modeling, object tracking/recognition, Computer Vision (3D Vision)

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Closing Date

Feb 15 2019