About the company: 

About Bonfire
We are a mental health company helping large organizations save millions by taking care of their people’s mental health, starting from preventive screening. Please visit our website for more information and email if you are interested to learn more.

Job Description and Requirements:  

The Opportunity 


We are looking for a smart creative passionate about customers, psychology, and worker mental health to join our legendary Customer Success team. We are a customer-obsessed company and seek like-minded people to join us! Like Four Seasons, we are big on empowering our people. While we have a structured framework for efficient implementation, in times of ambiguity, you will be entrusted to do whatever is right for our corporate clients and partners.


What You’ll Learn

Role related

  • The knack to guide our clients and partners in attaining their goals
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of our product and how it solves our customers’ problems better than the market
  • Gain strong project management and strategic planning skills

Personal growth

  • Wake up every day to a meaningful cause and purpose you believe in, and works towards that



  • Onboard new corporate clients and partners, and ensure they are successful
    • You will educate and implement our solution with our customers so they can achieve their desired goals
    • You will serve multiple customers concurrently, meeting deadlines and expectations
    • You will resolve customer issues with the support of our account managers and engineers in a timely and proactive manner
  • Work with management on the right product upsells and cross-sells
    • You will be mindful of the customer’s progress, and when ideal for an upgrade, explain why an upgrade will be helpful 
  • Be the voice of the client and partner (customers)
    • You will have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ likes and dislikes about our product, then share this information internally so we always do what’s right for our customers. You do not claim our product is amazing when it is broken
  • Advocate for the company
    • You will act as a personal cheerleader for Bonfire, explaining how and why we can meet our customers’ needs. This positive reputation keeps our customers satisfied and encourages them to refer their peers to us!



  • Experience: 
    • 3 to 5 years of experience in sales, marketing, account management, or customer success
    • Degree in Business, Marketing or any related field (Psychology, etc)
    • Strong GPAs are preferred (being super-organized and committed to getting good grades doesn’t guarantee anything in life but it indicates you have some useful, transferable skills to this role)
    • Proven track record in helping customers achieve their goals
  • Hard skills required: 
    • Organized and meticulous
    • Good communication skills
    • Good at problem-solving
    • Results-oriented without compromising efficiency
    • Ability to manage and prioritize projects and deadlines independently
    • Proficient with project management tools


  • Soft skills required: 
    • Proactive
    • Deep empathy
    • A customer-first mindset
    • Work well with other team players
    • Willing to go the extra mile to get the job done
    • Ability to build solid relationships and trust of customers quickly
    • Ability to draw boundaries and manage expectations
    • Ability to lead and motivate a small team is a bonus

Job Type

Full Time


Competitive Salary



Closing Date

Mar 31 2022