About the company: 

Linkz is a Singapore-based enterprise technology start-up. Our Mission is to “Fuel the growth of underserved SMEs in Asia”. We are obsessed with building a great company and a great culture, powered by great people. By leveraging technology, Linkz is well-positioned to enable our SMEs to capture increasing opportunities in this thriving marketplace. More than 122 million SMEs form the backbone of developing Asia’s large & fast-growing economies, contributing significantly to employment and GDP. These SMEs are primed to benefit from the booming digital economy. In Southeast Asia alone, the digital economy is expected to hit USD 240 billion by 2025.

Job Description and Requirements:  

We are looking for a Data Science intern who will help Linkz to develop our data analytics framework. This framework will drive the improvement and optimization of customer experience, product development, marketing techniques and business performance. This role reports to our CEO. 1. Lead the development of overall data analytics framework. 2. Understand business requirements and to translate them into impactful solutions. 3. Define appropriate business metrics, propose methodology to data mine & measure the defined metrics, and advise on the required solution design. a. Develop custom data models and application algorithms. b. Develop effective testing methodologies. c. Develop future solutions, including machine learning techniques for predictive analytics. 4. Collaborate closely with Business Development, Customer Success and Product Development teams. 5. Provide regular progress updates and business insights, using the Objective & Key Results and Lean Startup methods. 6. Other relevant activities and tasks.

Requirements 1. Committed to Our Vision. 2. Passion and drive to create impactful solutions for improving business outcomes. 3. An independent, “go-getter” personality. 4. Must have a strong drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques. 5. Strong problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on product development. 6. Data-oriented person, with good application skills. 7. Great communication skills, for successful cross-teams collaboration. 8. Knowledge and the ability to implement statistical techniques and concepts (e.g. regression, distribution properties, statistical tests, etc.).

Job Type



Competitive Salary



Closing Date

Oct 31 2019