About the company: 

Evyon - originally founded under the name RePack - sprung out of the Antler incubation program during the fall of 2020 as a response to the quickly growing volumes of discarded EV batteries. The founders Jørgen and Radu quickly saw the vast potential of this opportunity, and managed to secure the first private investment from Antler during the course of six weeks from inception.

The company’s first name - RePack - was a perfect fit to the original idea: To repackage discarded EV batteries. But as the founders gathered more speed and continued to realize the opportunities in front of them, they quickly realized that the name only covered a part of their vision. This lead the team through a renaming process which eventually landed on Evyon. Evyon encompasses many meanings - forever on, EV, ions, view - and flows perfectly with the company’s vision: A fully renewable future for everyone.

Job Description and Requirements:  

As a Data Engineer in Evyon, you will be part of the strategic drive in working along with multi-disciplinary teams through the full lifecycle of complex data product delivery. You will gather and provide a clear understanding of large-scale data engineering and data science solutions, deliver use cases for our customers, develop practical solutions and implement them to build Evyon’s AI platform a competitive edge.

You develop your experience in both engineering and architecture across technology disciplines and the unique challenges of each, including software development, automated test and quality assurance, and integration.

You will be delivering a high-quality and innovative data-driven solution that will have a massive positive environmental impact by optimizing battery (re-)utilization. This will include working together with the AI team on understanding the technical challenges and customer needs, designing an analytical approach, implementing a solution, ensuring it is of high quality, and leading and mentoring multi-discipline technology teams.

Battery and machine learning engineers on the team will be your daily sparring partners. These engineers work on our core technology, while you will leverage your skills in data wrangling, machine learning modeling, and coding, as well as your curiosity and creativity.


You will be developing an innovative, data-driven solution that will have a massive positive environmental impact by optimizing battery (re-)utilization.

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Jun 10 2022