About the company: 

AfterYou started out as a home service company, offering on-demand cleaning and contractor services before it was popular. In the process of building our business, we realized that there are a lot of local homeowners who simply did not have time to stay at home to watch over the cleaners.

Paradoxically, hiring a cleaner was marginaly useful other than saving the effort to clean because homeowners still have to stay at home to supervise!There was no such service to help supervise home services and provide a security layer, therefore we decided to create a service where you can safely hire a Butler for your home.

We are a home services company through-and-through, and Butler services as an integrator is exactly what young households need for the new era of demanding lifestyles—and this is only just the start.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Crazy Developer.
Who cares about stack, we need the guy/gal who can hack and integrate assisting platform to push the company forward in our market testing.
We are constantly changing our product pipeline as we work with our customer closely.

You need to be someone who is eager to work with your end user.

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Jun 30 2016