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Over 90% of global commerce is dependent on the world’s oceans and waterways—alarmingly, most of the critical infrastructure supporting these activities is outdated and highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. The recent uptick in security incidents involving leading maritime and logistics players are testament to this growing crisis; unfortunately, as global supply chains undergo digital transformation, new threat vectors will constantly be exposed and exploited by cyber attackers

Our mission is to bring nautical resilience to enterprises, partners, and ecosystem players in the global maritime and shipping supply chain.

We enable firms to ensure that cybersecurity controls are continuously robust and compliant, while at the same time allowing them to be more competitive and resilient in the face of new technologies.

To this end, our suite of solutions are custom-tailored to the unique environments of shipping and maritime, allowing enterprises to counter increasingly hostile cyber threats from ship to shore, and to innovate safely with security as a foundation.

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Feb 15 2019