HedgeSPA Pte Ltd
About the company: 

HedgeSPA - Sophisticated Predictive Analytics for Hedge Funds and Institutions

What’s Unique about Us?

  • Mentioned by Forbes as a disruptive provider of investment analytics.
  • Finalists in multiple global fintech industry awards, including the Benzinga Fintech Awards.
  • Winner of Red Herring Global Top-100, a recognition shared by Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo.
  • Top-rated analytics and contents: Market research on Greek Crisis top-rated by Google among 1mio articles.
  • CEO built a comparable platform commercially for a global asset manager and won an industry award for that implementation; improved platform aims to democratize previously exclusive analytics for the privileged few.

Learn from Winners!

  • Ability to attract top talents from the likes of UC Berkeley, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon and the Ivy League.
  • Impressive line of trainees who were able to secure subsequent offers from top global investment banks.
  • Unlike typical financial industry programs, where students are often assigned menial tasks, our trainees get career head-starts from solving state-of-the-art analytics problem and bridging the gaps between theory and practice.
  • Hands-on guidance that would have cost thousands when delivered as professional training that qualifies for continuing education credits; guidebook on investment analytics to be published as textbook by publisher of Nobel lectures.
Job Description and Requirements:  


  1. Quant Developer
  2. Developer / Programmer
  3. Data Analyst
  4. System Integration Engineer

Apply at recruitment@hedgespa.com

  • Submit your resume / CV to introduce yourself.
  • Indicate your intended position(s) and job type (full-time/internship)
  • Submit a piece of your work which can be:
    • writing sample similar to economic / market research we publish on newsletter.hedgespa.com
    • code sample in R, Matlab, Excel, Java, SQL or C++


Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Dec 31 2016