About the company: 

Torus is a distributed private key management solution. By abstracting the management of private keys away from the end user, we allow users to start making use of blockchain applications using familiar authentication methods like Google or Facebook login. Our goal is to allow any digital identity to be a valid cross-platform identifier, allowing users to bring their digital identities with them to any application on the Internet.

Job Description and Requirements:  

What are you planning to do next? Why not be a part of Torus?

As a blockchain start-up, the experiences you get are endless. Be the one that builds a groundbreaking, decentralised key generation tool and help connect people all around the world. Join us in making an impact in what we do.

About Us:
Torus provides Frictionless log-ins for Dapps. We work on solving this through a distributed key generation scheme, linking current existing user accounts (e.g. Google accounts) to public-private key pairs - in the long-term becoming the world’s identity platform.

Before embarking on Torus the founding team worked on different Ethereum Foundation projects including ENS and Plasma research. The decentralized key generation scheme we're building is novel and interesting work. Torus has a fast-paced working environment, which focuses on implementation. Ultimately we're looking to leave an impact.

The team is heavily execution-driven, flexible and impact focused. We’re a young dynamic team with a diverse background whether in terms of ideas or ethnicity. The company is also VC funded. What more? Developers can expect the chance to take part in blockchain hackathons and conferences all over the world.

- Implement life-changing front-end solutions for users with limited knowledge to access DApps
- Make the webstack your canvas and stage
- Have a strong sense of responsibility and problem ownership
- Communicate effectively, and willingly share creative ideas and solutions
- Identifying the bugs and killing/fixing them
- Design and implement system and network infrastructure
- Tuning, capacity planning and load demand forecasting of systems
- Automation and enhancement of existing tools for cloud systems
- Coordinate on product releases and deployments
- Contribute to research around decentralized solutions within blockchain technologies
- Build API’s focused on usability and ease of integration

- 1 - 2 years of experience in a relevant role (Software Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, Systems Administration)
- You are familiar with JavaScript
- A strong interest in cryptography / blockchain
- You have expertise in software development methodologies
- You possess a problem-solving attitude

- Demonstrated software engineering experience from previous internship, work experience, coding competitions, or publications
- Degree in Computer Science or a related field

Check us out at If you’re interested, do reach out to us at

Job Type

Full Time


SGD$5,000 - $10,000



Closing Date

Aug 01 2019