About the company: 

Kinexcs builds smart wearable devices to continuously monitor and enable personalised health, recovery and fitness to musculoskeletal patients and fitness enthusiasts.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Job Overview

The Full Stack Engineer (Tech Lead) will be working closely with the company’s leadership and guiding a team of junior software developers in their development of the company’s software. The Tech Lead will be responsible for crafting and implementing the software development plan to assist in the actualization of the long-term vision of the company by successfully meeting the needs of musculoskeletal patients, clinicians, and fitness enthusiasts.

Responsibilities and Duties

Lead the implementation of a secure and robust backend architecture using AWS for the company’s core products on top of other software development activities.
Identify roadblocks in software development plans and come up with innovative and efficient solutions to circumvent these issues and meet the company’s objectives.
Conduct detailed product testing/unit testing/ integration testing to ensure full functionality of the application before it is released to the public.
Leading a team of software developers in the development process of Kinexcs’ mobile application and website and managing division of labour among the team.
Reviewing the codebase and technical approaches for problem solving employed by the software team, to ensure functional and non-functional requirements are met in an effective and high-quality manner.
Maintain documentation related to software development as required for compliance needs and quality management processes.


Minimum Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or relevant field.
Minimum 3 years of prior experience in software development with both backend and frontend roles.
Minimum 2 years of prior experience managing software project(s).
Prior experience working with backend AWS architecture and Python Flask
Familiar working with RESTful APIs.
Familiar with implementation and management of SQL and NoSQL databases.
Prior experience programming with Flutter/Dart and
Industrial experience in the Medical Technology field is greatly preferrable
Exuding strong leadership, management skills with strong inter-personal communication skills are greatly preferrable
Able to work in a fast-paced startup environment

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

May 11 2021