About the company: 

Adgo is a technology company that enables merchants on Commerce Platforms, Super Apps and Vertical Marketplaces to grow their revenues by creating performance campaigns that deliver measurable outcomes and develop new revenue streams. As an Asian start-up backed by proven technology and led by an international team of experienced entrepreneurs and innovators, we are focused on metrics that matter to business objectives: accelerating growth, increasing speed and optimising cost.

We are vertical agnostic, and that means our technology is applicable to every online business. Using algorithms fuelled by unique commerce datasets, our leading edge artificial intelligence technology opens up new access channels for online merchants. In addition, our partnerships with some of the world’s biggest commerce and social media platforms allows online merchants to scale advertising campaigns accordingly regardless of their business size.

Job Description and Requirements:  

The Responsibilities

Develop and maintain front- and backend features using React, Python and NodeJS
Review code written by your peers
Deploy updates to our staging and production environments
Report to remote teams in daily stand-up sessions and bi-weekly catch-ups
Present the work you and your team worked on during monthly engineering townhalls

Your Profile

Prior experience as a full-stack engineer or similar position
Know the difference between a problem that is worth spending time on, versus a problem where an off-the-shelf solution works just as well
As a developer, helped deliver multiple projects from start to finish to maintenance, using React, Python and NodeJS
Have a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals.
Possess strong opinions . . . that are loosely held
Full understanding that the success of the company is your success
Experience integrating many third party APIs and have a strong opinion about API design

Job Type

Full Time


$3500 - $6500 with equity



Closing Date

Dec 31 2019