About the company: 

Kinexcs is a highly recognized med-tech company established in Singapore that builds wearable device and digital platforms to enhance patient experience and quality of care for rehabilitation. We develop monitoring systems to remotely track, analyze, and monitor the rehabilitation progress of patients who have lower limb musculoskeletal conditions, such as a total knee replacement surgery or osteoarthritis.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Role Summary
The software developer will oversee aspects of software design and development for Kinexcs’ recovery monitoring products across both, but not limited to, Android, iOS and web development platforms. Collaborate with quality team to ensure safety and effectiveness of Kinexcs’ software product. Work with hardware development team to ensure system integrity and excellent product usability.

1. Develop software development projects including Android, iOS and web development projects. Establish back-end solutions and design data management solutions on cloud platforms.
2. Work closely with development teams to design, build and extend new products, platforms and features.
3. Identify root cause of failures and issues and maintain software documentation.
4. Bug fixing and improving application performance.
5. Raise the bar by scrutinizing codes from external development teams, transferring knowledge to team members, and helping with other product development duties across teams.
6. Closely manage software development-related documentations according to company quality policies.
7. Maintain the highest level of quality in all software implementations.


• A full stack software developer with 3 to 6 years of experience with understanding across full mobile development (Android and iOS) and web development life cycles.
• A BS/MS degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology, electrical engineering or related fields.
• In-depth knowledge of modern Android programming, including RxJava and/or Kotlin.
• Knowledge and prior experience in development web sites.
• Knowledge of Object-oriented programming, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, AngularJS, JavaScript.
• iOS development knowledge and objective c.
• Working knowledge of several architectural approaches, caching, data storage and security.
• Strong CS fundamentals (with competencies in algorithms and data structures).
• Some familiarity with hardware-related devices.
• Knowledge of cloud software is an advantage.
• Involvement in a HIPAA compliant project is an advantage.
• Experienced in back-end development.
• Excellent communication skill in English and teamwork spirits.


Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Jan 31 2020