About the company: 

smove gives people without cars the ability to hire one when they need it, at short notice from their mobile phone in just 3-5 clicks. They like it because they can pick up the car from an ordinary parking location and drop it off wherever is convenient.

For the future, smove will scale it’s current B2C Singapore operation to > 1000 cars. We will licence our technology to car fleet operators in urban locations outside Singapore, likely franchising a package to sell mobility as a service, giving operators the ability to create utility-like services for transportation.

Culture at smove

smove’s culture is driven by transparency, open discussion, collaboration, and direct feedback. We hate bureaucracy and slow moving decisions, and strive to create an environment where employees can speak their mind and shape the future of the company. We embrace personal development, and foster a climate where trying new things and failing without consequences is not only the norm, but expected.

The Perks

- Mature startup experience, with an informal culture, and fun environment
- Flexible working hours, and opportunities for remote working
- The chance to work on a product/service that you can see working in the real world everyday
- Learn something new everyday
- Healthy snacks, coffee, and a little bit of chocolate/candy
- Interact with teammates from 8 different countries

Job Description and Requirements:  

Our awesome engineers are part of a highly motivated team creating innovative solutions in the Internet of Things/urban mobility/transportation space. We custom build our hardware and software that connects to our growing fleet of hybrid cars. Our geeks write smart algorithms to increase car sharing utilisation and operational efficiency ensuring customer happiness. We leverage big data collected through thousands of trips to aid in decision making. smove run both a B2C operation and have exclusive B2B partnerships with Uber and Singapore Government (Ministry of Manpower).


As a software engineer at smove, you will:

- Work as part of a group within the overall tech team that has ownership of specific smove products
- Build efficient, scalable, and robust solutions solutions for both customers and internal operations in JavaScript, Node, Angular, React, Python, and more
- Design and implement solutions to handle high levels of traffic, in a rapidly scaling environment
- Write code you will be proud of that is testable, clean, efficient and can be maintained by others in your team
- Work closely with all departments in the business, from operations and customer service to dev ops and bizdev, gaining visibility and exposure to what is really happening on the ground


Skills & Requirements


- Experience in software engineering/web development using various programming languages, but specialising in JavaScript
- Experience with front-end JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Backbone or React
- Experience with back-end JavaScript frameworks such as Sails, Express, and Koa
- Proficient with MySQL or similar RDBMS, familiar with NoSQL concepts
- Experience with distributed version control systems, such as Git
- Experience with testing and continuous integration
- Proficiency in more than one programming language (not necessarily web dev related)

Non Functional

- Eager and willing to learn new things, stay up to date with the latest technologies, and expand your base skillset to propose new approaches to your work
- Has stamina and perseverance - working for a startup is a marathon, not a sprint. Understands the ecosystem
- Thrive in a non-corporate environment
- Have strong communication skills, able to interact with non technical members of the business to gather requirements, troubleshoot, perform user acceptance testing, etc.

Job Type

Full Time


3000 - 6000 SGD



Closing Date

May 31 2018