About the company: 

CryoWerx design and build smart-refrigerator which act as a platform to connect food-producers with consumer. Our technology allow our supplier to get real-time inventory information and sales analytics. Coupled with our mobile apps, customer could find nearby machines and track their consumption.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Full-stack Web-developer
Your chance to impacting the masses with your codes. If you're interested in coding and the local startup ecosystem, this one's for you. Here's your chance to make everyone sit up and pay attention. Join CryoWerx, a smart refrigerator that connects the hungry people to great restaurants.

In this job, you will be creating and maintaining an entire platform that will orchestrate the communication between M2M, web-application and mobile-application. You should be familiar with full-stack application development life-cycle and be comfortable with working within a team of passionate and driven people.
This opens up a lot of room for learning opportunities and hands on experience. With a young startup like CryoWerx, you will be given exposure and the chance to hone your skills.

* Proficient in NodeJS, HTML5 and CSS
* Experience in one of these JS framework: React, Angular or Meteor
* Understand SQL-based database as well as NoSQL (Mongo / Cassandra / Couch / Redis)
* Knowledge of Microservices architecture, API-driven development and Agile methodology are highly desirable.

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Jun 30 2016