About the company: 

AthenaDesk is a simple online contextual support software for online businesses.

We help businesses construct a great online customer experience by enhancing traditional customer support. We do this by making it contextual for customers when and where the problem arises.

We understand that there is a fine line between too much information and too little information. Hence, we allow businesses to neatly tuck their information into our widget. Customers will be able to open that if they wish to do so.

Our vision at AthenaDesk is to fundamentally transform the businesses and customers communicate online.

Job Description and Requirements:  

We are looking for a Full Stack Web Developer. The main job scope will be leading the development for AthenaDesk's product beta to be deployed on Shopify App Store. Requires solid skills with Backend Languages (preferably Node.JS or Python), Javascript, prior experience in building applications on top of RESTful APIs, and a passion for agile development. The ideal candidate will demonstrate thought leadership, great execution skills and the ability to code quickly.


-Production JavaScript application design and testing experience.
-A solid experience building applications on top of RESTful APIs.
-Experience with web backend development using Node.JS or Python.
-Experience with web frontend technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Webpack, SASS, Bootstrap, and jQuery/Dojo/YUI.
-Experience with relational database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL
-Solid knowledge of algorithms, design patterns, and componentization approaches.
-Experience with cross-browser, cross-platform, and design constraints on the web.
-Strong attention to detail.
-Proven problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills.
-Strong desire to learn, push the envelope, and share knowledge with others.
-Experience with web application security is a bonus.

Part of your compensation will be Stock Options. Prefer to discuss in greater detail about this if we shortlist you.

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Nov 24 2016