About the company: 

We are Innervative - a financial education games company. We use the power of mobile and games to revolutionise learning. Innervative is a dynamic startup and we've successfully launched several educational mobile games in Singapore's top schools and for the general public.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Role: Game Systems Programmer

Innervative seeks a Game Systems Programmer to create core systems for our fin ed mobile games as part of our team. Your specific responsibilities are to:

Design and implement systems in our simulation games
Design and implement well-documented, maintainable, and bug-free code
Work with the Game Designer and Learning Designer to integrate simulation, gameplay and education cohesively
Estimate development effort, prioritize tasks, and plan development implementations
Analyse, debug and fix development issues


Specific kung-fu that you need:

Possess great software engineering skills and knowledge of best practices
Strong foundation and interest in understanding calculations, formulas, ratios; e.g. this is interesting to you
Ability to write technical design/specification documents in a clear and concise form
Familiarity with Unity best practices and development pipeline
Familiarity with version control software (SVN or Git)
At least 2+ years game development experience working in a team with other programmers, as well as other disciplines (artists, designers)

What we're also looking for

Any demo-able personal projects, source code and/or design documents
Some understanding and/or interest in economics / finance
Passion in games with non-trivial simulations (e.g. ""manager"", ""tycoon"", ""business sim"")
Interest in designing and building engines/frameworks (game code-base that is reusable over multiple game titles)
Experience developing games with educational components, or serious games
Computer science or related qualifications

Job Type

Full Time


Depending on skills and experience



Closing Date

Jun 30 2016