Product Lighthouse
About the company: 

Product Lighthouse runs a Product Information Platform for electronics retail. An Australian startup, we are now expanding into Singapore.

We help consumers navigate to the right products by improving the flow of information from vendors (manufacturers) to retailers.

Our Product Information Platform provides a bridge between vendor content and retailer product information systems. The results are better quality information in the retail channel for marketing, sellthrough support, and customer service. There are also productivity benefits as manual onboarding processes can be automated.

Our team will be visiting Singapore in early June, so if you are interested get in touch now.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Help an Australian B2B startup grow in Singapore! We need someone with entrepreneurial flair to work part time with our B2B clients as they experience our software platform for the first time. This is a not a sales role, but you will need to be able to think on your feet, probe for feedback, and answer tricky questions on the spot.

You must be able to demonstrate that you are:
- An autonomous problem-solver, not expecting a pre-defined process to follow
- Expecting (used to) the ""grind"" of life in a startup
- Able to understand what users are saying (or what they are not saying!)
- Comfortable working as an outpost (HQ is in Australia)
- Not likely to panic under pressure
- Able to work with an evolving roadmap ... our product is early stage and changing fast

Please send a short e-mail covering the following six points:

1. Your LinkedIn profile (do not attach a CV)
2. something interesting you have been involved in before
3. what else you are doing currently
4. why you meet the character requirements set out above
5. relevant experience with retail or B2B systems
6. an example of when you have had to demonstrate thinking on your feet

Job Type

Part Time





Closing Date

Jun 30 2016