About the company: 

Memom is a team of enthusiasts who committed to solve this problem:
Out of the thousands of photos we take, only 10% of them hold deep personal meaning after we look back at them 10 years later. Those meaningful 10% are easily buried under the 90% of excess photos, causing us to never look back at our old photos.

We provide a mobile and web application for parents with small children. We help them preserve and share precious family memories effortlessly with image recognition technologies.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Job Title: Marketing & Community Development Intern

You will be primarily in charge of marketing and community development.
• Create marketing and community development strategies and execute the plans combining both online and offline activities
• Interact with customers and assist them by answering questions and requests
• Bring customer feedback back to the team to improve our product
• Actively engage in improving the process by measuring the effectiveness and standardizing the process

Our company provides affluent opportunities and challenges to our staff who are passionate about taking initiatives. Depending on your interests and strengths, you will be able to experience broader areas including fundraising and product development not limited to the area stated above.

Commitment for the tasks you take ownerships of, with sense of professionalism
• Strong interest and passion in new things
• Independent, enterprising and self-driven personality
• Brightness to understand different context quickly and come up with best solutions for different contexts
• Attention to detail
• Enjoy doing creative things
• Great communication skill for effective team play and customer support

The CEO of Memom is an INSEAD MBA with 10+ experience in leadership roles. Motivated young talents will be provided her mentorship, which will unleash your potential and lead you to the next level. Join us if you care about your growth!

Job Type



up to SGD800 depending on your time commitment



Closing Date

Jun 30 2016