About the company: 

An award-winning health-education company, Joytingle's products are used in leading regional children hospitals. Joytingle's vision is ""People First, Patients Second"" and achieves this with innovative designs that breaks down medical jargons to make healthcare knowledge accessible from 8 to 80 years old.

We are supported by NUS Enterprise, featured on Straits Times and globally recognised by Shell LiveWIRE (yes, Shell the petroleum company) for our innovative approaches. If you want to join a promising market leader in craving out a niche, this is it.

Above all, you must value our vision.

Job Description and Requirements:  

You will work closely with Joytingle's founder - Esther, and join her in formulating sales strategies and breaking new markets.

You must be willing to walk the miles, not be shy about cold calls and have a warm genuine personality to know people as they are. We will not take fakes.

You must identify with Joytingle's vision and take it as your's.
We are looking for a committed team player, not a seat-warmer.

Non-requirements: Know everything. Know every sales trick.

Requirements: a learning heart and willingness to put in hours and walk the miles.

What you will get: you will be taught sales hacks and join Esther in hacking sales.

Sounds like fun? Not afraid of the miles? Write in.

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Closing Date

Jun 30 2016