About the company: 

LeadIQ is building a sales prospecting automation platform to increase sales productivity.
Currently we provide a slick yet simple way to build accurate prospect list, find contact info, enrich data, and sync to Salesforce. Soon we are adding the capabilities to automate reach-outs and follow-ups. Customers can tell us the kind of companies and roles to reach out to. We'll find the prospects, reach-outs, and follow-ups.

Here's what customers say about us

"Having trialled a number of different lead capture software services previous, LeadIQ stands out by a mile! It's slick, fast, accurate and saving me massive amounts of time. Look forward to using this platform far into the future." - Matthew Payne from Serchen

"Amazing product! We've tried quite a few of these types of softwares, and nothing works both as quickly and as accurately. "- Michael Sindicich from Apptimize

Job Description and Requirements:  

Are you the type of engineer who punches juke boxes to make the music start? Do you consider riding your motorcycle off into the a sunset a personal hobby? Is architecting a system from the ground up no big deal to you?
Well then you should apply for LeadIQ’s Lead Engineer post in our new Singapore office.

LeadIQ is one of the fastest growing sales tools in Google’s Chrome store, and we’re looking for a rock star to work closely with our front-end team to cut down our growing stack of customers' feature request.

We’re a really fun team that’s looking for some people who have:
- Been involved in at least one project that uses any function language, like Scala, Clojure, Haskell, etc.
- Learned any functional language in your own time.
- Worked in a team environment.
- Started or worked for a startup before.

We’ve built a great product using some unique skills, but as a team we believe:
- It's better to communicate too much than too little
- DRY(don't repeat yourself) with hard work
- Always help the code reviewer
- Avoid knowledge silo

We won’t provide you with a motorcycle or leather jacket, but we will provide you with:
- Health insurance
- Remote working
- Free gym membership
- 3 weeks PTO

We’re a tight knit group, and this hire will be a foundation to our Singapore office’s culture, as well as an extension of our values here in US.

The best applicants are eager to learn, excited to build something super cool, and are reliable facing any challenge.

If you want to continue to build your impressive technical knowledge and professional skills,contribute to multiple projects at the same time, and even help us hire more developers, send us over your resume, and any code repos. Apply now!

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Dec 31 2016