Gowild Singapore Pte Ltd
About the company: 

Gowild is a local startup focused on developing applications based on the latest technology. We achieved that through our local development team as well as collaborating with technology partners all over the world. We believe in homegrown talents and are committed to developing our local students. We not only focused on hard skills but also ensure they experience the rigours of working life and pick up important habits and soft skills.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Gowild Singapore (http://www.gowild.sg) is an artificial intelligence startup in Singapore which is focused on the building of AI applications, in particular in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP). We have a strong & growing software development team which is focused on developing the best mobile, web applications. Developers will participate in working on software development projects including software architecture, front end web design, backend cloud applications and even some hardware design.

We like candidates with good software development skills and an interest to work in a start up environment to develop new software modules. We use java, javascript, android and a few other languages. Dont worry as long as you are keen to learn. We also welcome candidates who are keen to work on data science and machine learning areas.

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Sep 30 2018