[Project Hive]
About the company: 

We’re building the one place for accurate information on the web. In our decentralized platform, accurate information always wins against other noises. Current approaches to determine accuracy don’t work ‒ AI is still ineffective in reasoning, and naive human moderation is biased and not scalable. We are building a novel approach that combines the power of ML/NLP (to rigorously deconstruct discourses) and probabilistic graphical models (PGM) (to drive collective behaviors towards reason at scale), with intuitive and highly usable UX.

We are currently still in stealth mode, with a product in alpha stage and sufficient funding, backed by experienced entrepreneurs, media veterans, and a deeply technical team in software engineering, machine learning, and mathematical sciences. The current team of full-timers and part-timers hails from NTU, NUS, Stanford, Harvard, and other top institutions. The team is currently distributed across three continents, with the tech team mostly based in Singapore.

Job Description and Requirements:  

As an intern, you might help us build large-scale, high-performance product features, database models, data pipelines, tools, improve existing code frameworks and abstractions, do microservices refactoring, fault-tolerance hardening of distributed systems, and others.

You will be paired with a technical team member to sync up regularly and provide guidance and perspectives.

An internship is a valuable opportunity to explore and implement new technologies and approaches, get mentorship from more experienced technical team members, sharpen your skills, and get knowledge of startup operations and team dynamics.


- Strong computer science fundamentals esp. in data structures, algorithms, and systems
- Knowledge of MVC frameworks and microservices
- Knowledge of a few programming languages, preferably Java, Go, Rust, or C++
- Good sense of ownership, openness to novel approaches, general cognitive ability, communication skills, and willingness to learn new things

We accept flexible arrangements including custom time period, number of hours per week, or remote internship.

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Closing Date

May 19 2020