About the company: 

Tagvance, an IoT Innovation start-up based in Singapore, offers end-to-end real time high-precision tracking & monitoring solutions for Maritime Industries. By leveraging open source algorithms along with various commercial products our team of technical experts and experienced business innovators are developing out-of-box solutions to track personnel & assets in indoor and/or outdoor environments. In addition to positioning data, the system provides sensor data, so operators have a better idea of what is happening at the specific location. Tagvance provides API connectors to enable customers to fully integrate with existing management and control systems. Tagvance solutions have been already developed, tested and deployed to various customers worldwide

Job Description and Requirements:  

Applicants should be working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Industrial Engineering or equivalent Embedded electronics programming of various IoT devices using languages such as C and Python.
Experience/Knowledge of Java/Javascript for backend/frontend programming. Experience/Knowledge working with BLE, LoRa, RFID software radio technologies is a plus. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, able to present complex ideas clearly to a non-technical audience.

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Closing Date

Feb 15 2019