About the company: 

At F-drones, we are building the world’s first transition drone to enable aerial deliveries to oil rigs and ships. Our unique design will have a combination of heavy payload and long-range capabilities that would put other existing delivery drones to shame. With such incredible specs, our drone can still take-off vertically, fly like a fixed-wing aircraft, and land on a moving target. Consumer-grade drones are passe; We are building aviation-grade drones that would set high safety and reliability standards. We aim to be the leader of heavy payload drone logistics across industries in 5 years.

Job Description and Requirements:  

This position is for a UAV systems engineer, involved in the building, planning and flight operations of large UAVs (both Multi-rotor and Fixed-wing UAVs). You are required to plan and execute drone delivery flight operations, sending items from shore to ships. You will also perform test flights of new drone features developed in-house.

Excellence in the maintenance of UAVs is necessary – keeping the fleet ready for flight tests, troubleshooting and debugging drone systems in the office and out in the field. You will participate in defining and validating Standard Operating Procedures (SoP), UAV maintenance manuals, and operation methodologies. This role also involves assisting in documentation pertaining to flight permits and operations, and in the assembly & testing of proprietary UAVs.

A professional approach to flight operations and rational judgement skills are a must. This is an opportunity to be part of an early stage team and kickstart our drone delivery operations in Singapore.

Job Type

Full Time





Closing Date

Jan 31 2019