Red Dot Drone PTE. LTD.
About the company: 

RED DOT DRONE is a drone startup focusing on drone software technology such as automatic flight for the ease and safe of drone operation

Job Description and Requirements:  

RDD is looking for a Web Development Intern to help us develop/improve SkyCoach web platform.

SkyCoach is a drone app to operate a drone safely and easily using automated/semi-automated aerial filming and data visualisation to help improve your team's performance. Particularly applicable to the training and practice games of field sports, such as football, rugby and American football.

What you are going to do is
・to develop/improve web dashboard for the users
・to write functions on server-less environment

Job Requirements/ Qualifications:
• Interested in sports
• Interested in drones
• Basic knowledge of web programming
• Familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Preferably familiar with TypeScript
• Preferably familiar with Progressive JavaScript Framework (Vue.js,  Nuxt.js).
• Preferably familiar with Google Cloud Platform (Firebase)

What You Will Learn:
• How to develop Modern Web development
• How to develop Progressive web application
• How to work on cloud computing service

Job Type



Salary competitive



Closing Date

Jul 31 2021